mad cow
We are hopes and dreams
You are the hope of Me
Nature is we
We unite in the mind.

Kada talks back

Enertialcall Magazine
"Driven" a journal book by K.A.Ambrose
E.C. VIdeos where we sing here alot Live and prerecorded
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K.A.Ambrose's album

Depressed in Eastern Paris K.A.Ambrose is an Enertialcall Recording Artist
A one of us
asks slow entrance
and tolerable tolerance.
You are Culture's mosaic
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the enertialcall knows we are community. So all creation is to enhance another's experience.

Hello and Welcome

If We are to go on living for the written word to ketch up with a fully exposed humanity (A sensitive reality which moves to cure through understanding, and growth) We must make a medium which answers the question of what is the future with a positive philosophy of what is now. We, is the Enertialcall media project. Which would is a non profit group devoted to promoting Evolutions answers to humanity through art in all mediums. Or as far as we are able We are to expose what is our selves with open eyes for the sake of mass experience. A challenge we mostly hid from and the only truth one can really find. Life is the fantasy of reasonable sight. Our sights are muted through over reactive media and backward moralities. So to these we must hold on to the forces which create life far beyond the systematic class knowledge structure which controls it. We must learn the truth and hold it out for others to see.
As biio energy must Enertialcall E-magazine devoted to art,literature and mental exposure, Abstracting the humanities from economic insecurity and mediocrity.
Media, the event, is the struggles against the historic jokes and the slights of hand, which create world events and human conditioning. The Enertialcall is to have a place to say.. Art is, and respond for humanities growth and detoxification...
the future arises
as it seeps deeper
into the brain
so the motto..

We unite in the mind.

Kada talks back

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